Canadian National Van Lines, Inc. Review


Across Canada Van Lines aka Vega Line Moving was contracted by Canadian National Vanlines to do our move from Canada to the US. We weren’t told they brokered it even though they are required to. Vega Van Lines gave us a bid for the job too but we turned them down because of the number of complaints against them. They had countless excuses for the delays including not having the right paperwork for their truck and / or driver(s) to cross the border. The weight and piece count was off. They said they picked up 200 pieces but wrote down 125 (delivered 90 – one was someone elses’ – check the lot #s because they won’t). They charged 2.5 times the bid. They stated that the 90 boxes ended up weighing 5000#s. Somehow the boxes doubled in weight since it was weighed at their “certified” scale at their warehouse. Legally they are required to give you a “certified” weight ticket for what you are moving. They won’t unload until you pay. They won’t refund you anything. They probably won’t return any of your lost items. I’m guessing they split it up like pirates. Canadian National would not disclose they are brokering it out (which they are legally supposed to do) because you could research these companies at the BBB and find the countless complaints filed against them. You can’t stop them (they would probably just operate under a new name) but you could slow them down by turning them in. Weights and measures can fine them and even have them close their doors for a time. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration is another, Canadian / US Customs is another.


Name: Canadian National Van Lines, Inc.

Country: Canada


City: Edmonton, Alberta

Address: Enbridge Tower, 10201 Jasper Ave 10060 1, Suite 2020

Phone: 877-642-1933


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By Ronald

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