Canada Revenue Agency (Spoof)


The phone rings with a robocall from number 305-396-2488. A voice, possibly computer generated, says she is calling from Revenue Canada, that I owe money (unspecified amount) and "we have registered a criminal case against you for tax fraud . . . ." It instructs me to call 305-396-2488 if I want to prevent the matter going to court (unspecified). I get these calls quite frequently, but do not pick up very often.Last year, I called the number and spoke with a man with a heavy Indian accent who said his name was Sergeant Brown. He wasn’t able to say what police force he was from. He started telling me where I could send money and how much, but I the scammers got their wires crossed, so to speak, and I could hear his prompter telling him what to say. Eventually I couldn’t suppress my laughter so I told them they were the ones engaging in criminal activity and hung up. They stopped calling for a while after that, but now they’re back.I worry about elderly people who are more gullible than I am and I wish these scammers could be stopped.

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By Ronald

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