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Complaint: 10/7/2014 Thank you for your email. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you experienced regarding your most recent order CDU-1473297. As requested, your order has now been cancelled for you. Please be assured that a full refund in the amount of $42.97 has also been submitted and is being processed for you at this time. You will be receiving a refund check for your order in the mail shortly. Now November 5, 2014 – 28 days after they agreed to refund the money they have not done so there 10/29 email says u201cPlease note that it can take approximately 8-15 business days for the mail to arrive; therefore, you should be receiving your refund check in the mail any time now.u201d Clearly they have no intention of making good on my claim. Unfortunate they have decided to sell themselves and reputation for 42.97.

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Address: PO Box 97176 Richmond, British Columbia Canada


Phone: 1-877-243-7172

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