Cameron Dunlap – Dunlap Scam

I attended a seminar held by Cameron Dunlap where he promoted a funding service plan that required a $1,000 retainment fee. His promise was that after the first funding was completed, the fee would be adjusted. The funding service is tied to a bonus course online. I was really interested in flipping foreclosures so I signed up. | I had trouble accessing the course, and an even harder time trying to get ahold of someone to fix it. When I finally did get ahold of someone, I was told that my course was never assigned to me. I asked for my money back because I had waited too long anyway. The excitement of house flipping fizzled out with all the trouble I had to go through just to start. | I was told I could not get a refund. I am out a grand. I am sure that if I went any further in the program I would have lost more money. Be careful with Cameron Dunlap. He is not to be trusted.

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