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Mark Kaup, Guardian to David Kaup: | PROBATE DIVISION COURT DOCKET INQUIRY | Case Number: 2000P010401 | Calendar: 09 | Date Filed: 12/7/2000 | Division: PROBATE | Estate Of KAUP DAVID R | Case Type: PET. FOR GUARDIANSHIP OF MINOR’S PERSON | Representative | KAUP LINDA | Representative | KAUP MARK | | They have yet to recover the $10MM he scammed homeowners : | | | Mark Kaup escapes a 5MM foreclosure: | Purchases all the foreclosed properties in his young step son’s name (different last name than his own so connection is not noticable) and then Mark’s company Winslow Ventures buys the properties | Yet his Guardian/Uncle-Father figure refuses to honor warranties and flaunts his cash: | Wonder why they can’t recover the cash from David Kaup when his arrogant father figure Uncle Mark Kaup flauts his cash? Something doesn’t make sense.


Name: Camelot Homes

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Scottsdale

Address: 6607 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite H-100

Phone: (480) 367-4300


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