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Recently I had the pleasure of purchasing a 2005 Ford Explorer from Camelback Ford. Unfortunately within 48 hours of the purchase and having it checked out by my mechanic I informed the sales rep, sales mgr, service mgr, finance mgr, and general mgr of the problem that was discovered. The vehicle is unsafe to drive, it has two badly broken front struts and motor mounts, it should never have been sold in this condition. To my dismay, all I got was the royal run-around. At first everyone said “no problem, bring it in, it’s covered by the AZ State Mandated 15 Day/500 Mile warranty, it will be fixed at no cost to you.” After they had my vehicle for 10 days I’m then told “that law does not apply to you because this was a budget value deal, we wont fix anything”. And to date I cant even get them to return any of my phone calls. It’s also been more than 30 days and I still do not have my license plates and oh yeah, they wont call me back about that either. Dont buy from these guys, they are only interested in making the sale. They could care less about customers or the vehicles they sell, they just want money. Contacted the attorney general, BBB, a Lawyer, ADOT and a few other agencies. BBB cant get a response from them either. ADOT provided me with the contact information for dealer fraud cases. Still waiting on the others.

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