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This afternoon, I received a phone call from 470-809-0477. They left the following message: "This is Victoria Codwell [possibly Caldwell or Coldwell] calling from the Process Division. I need to verify a current address as well as a place of business address to proceed against you. At this time, you are forfeiting your right to take care of this matter outside of court. We will contact your Human Resources Department to follow proper protocol and procedure to serve you on the property. Again, the client is willing to rectify this matter if they hear from you today. Their number is 470-809-0477 and reference your case number. This is my final attempt. You’ve been officially notified."When I returned the call and asked for the name of their business, I was told it was "Cambridge Asset Management". The woman I spoke with told me her name was "Monica" but refused to give me her last name or a physical address for the business. She also initially refused to give me information regarding the alleged debt unless I verified my Social Security number. I declined. Then she told me they were attempting to collect a debt on behalf of Chase Bank. When I told her that debt was paid successfully years ago, she grew irate and began pushing me to tell her how much I paid, saying that I hadn’t "paid in full" according to her records.While on the phone, I pulled up my credit report and told her I had zero delinquent accounts, and the Chase Bank card currently showed "Paid Successfully". She then accused me of being "one of those professional debtor idiots" and hung up on me.

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