Cambraia munson dunn – Free rent offered by old grandma homewrecking hoe Idaho


She isn’t worth free rent says ex boyfriend who would have rather slept in the Walmart parking lot than go stay at her foreclosed home. Now that she initially offered him free rent to f*ck her since she can’t get a man to do her DRD p*ssy thus she even will does fo after any guy who has a wife live in fiancee doesn’t consider children vows and has no filter on her man like trucker language that comes out of her Adams apple throat where most men who deposited their say she ain’t worth the free rent and even if she swallowed it it made then wish they had just paid treat slept alone and got a refund rather than DRD she doesn’t disclose in less Heath department finds names of the recently vacated and sends them a notice . Sadly what ex partners and current latest victim found out was the gift of warts DRD and other unmentionables and illegals she’s dealing they can get caught being a part of take what she gave them back home when they soon find out her free rent isn’t worth it and they too wish they slept in the Walmart parking lot rather than be agreased upon by this Grandma who’s a past present future homewrecking slore who some say she’s is a he-she a chick who has hidden her d1ck and takes advantage of guys so desperate for sex they over look that fact and get into her ways with not many ways to walk away since she leaves them with aDRD they can’t bring home with out exposure to applying for free rent with a senior who knows better but can’t get better so makes an offer of free sex in exchange for a trip to the local clinic then dentures or so for her and her toothless partial smile where even a sharp edge is there so good luck not getting even snagled toothed upon as an alternative just losing ur family won’t be enough u get to not enjoy a bj without worry. She’s done this so many times is is not even news worthy but alas it may save some poor mom gal kids family by sharing her homewrecking how’s and what length she is so desperate to go in trapping any man who will fix her old drug money cars she’s managed to get by in offer … Seems this Grandma won’t be applying to SSI when she can’t get rid of her DRD nor a bit she’s gonna have to keep filling out other paperwork like from Sr citiicians care stay apps unless she can wreck another home and snagled tooth her way manipulating faking her orgasms … Wait sorry wrong her last guy said he had to take it for she was not even worth free rent… Hello Walmart parking lot instead stay away from this desperate b1tch she will lie cheat steal to take anyan up on her offer. Buyer beware it she cvms with benefits she ain’t disclosing… DRDs all the way to warts the Heath department exposed reported her on. Shame shame grandma u old enough to know better and apparently u need to learn to fuk better no one worth their salt would take up an offer but wait maybe it is true …last we all heard u are now offering a senior citizens discount. Good luck Grandma u r going to need it. Ick

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By Ronald

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