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On Nov 29, 2017 we placed an order worth of $1718.70 to Calmini. However, the product was never shipped to us. After around 20 phone calls to ask for the product and get promised that the product would be delivered next week (around 5 times), we still did not get any product. After waiting for 5 months, we realized that this will NEVER be delivered to us. This is a SCAM. I later on keep calling the business. There are one receptionist and one salesman named Justin. Justin would tell you that the refund will be transferred to you the next day (same with what he promised for the order to be delivered). I was very patient and call every week, and lately, everyday, in total it is around 50 calls and i got the same promise each time. I realize i will NEVER get my refund back. This is a SCAM and i do not know why there are so many complaints about them and the state of California still let them operate ??? Is there anything fishy here? (Please see the email of confirmation of order we get below)*************************************On Nov 29, 2017 14:36, wrote:Thank you for ordering from CALMINI Products, Inc.Your purchase information appears below.CALMINI Sales OrderOrder Number: 6791Customer DetailsProduct ID: SK19951Product Name: 3" Super Articulation & EDSES Combo SystemQuantity: 1Unit Price: 1449.95Unit Price Subtotal: 1449.95Shipping Subtotal: 160.00Product Total: 1449.95CA Sales Tax: 108.75Shipping Total: 160.00Grand Total: 1718.70

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