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Complaint: David D. Ribeiro of Whittier, but also Ribeiro Law Corporation keeps fleecing clients sent to him via the State Bar Referral service. His corporate office is in Laguna, orange county which appears to be a large lush home. Offices also in Chula Vista and who knows where else. Also goes by Ribeiro Law Corp. headed by Diane R. King likely in San Diego who is a partner. David D. Ribeiro stipulated against my will. Charged my credit card without permission which I reported as fraud and won with my Visa company. He lied constantly. Made threats. But, all was fine until I filed a report with the State Bar asking for my file back, which Ribiero claimed to have given back. He says he did, but I sent the State Bar clear indication he didn’t. Not the entire case posted on their site was in this file. No notes. No bill for the $700 nothing. I had more than he did. Why? The State Bar of California LET HIM destroy my file so I couldn’t sue him for malpractice or appeal my case! So, persistently I asked them to help get my file back. They sent him a note. He LAUGHED at them. He sent a message that I had to travel from Michigan to California personally to get it. Then when I asked again he demanded 24 hours notice. Before that copying fees. Full first and last name of person picking up the file. I reported again. This got him mad, so he filed a frivilous lawsuit against me alleging $55,000 in damages from my won $700 on fraud and $1500 dispute. SO, of a contract dispute he lies and committs perjury everywhere and wants punitive damages (which aren’t allowed and he knows it) and makes up stories about ‘negligent infliction of emotional distress’ He even writes things like this stating fraud because I hired him never thinking of paying him: #22. Defendant made these representations with no reasonable ground fore believing them to be true, in that Defendant did not have accurate information. Without such information he could not accurately make the representations herein alleged. David Ribeiro files this for 55K because it costs more money, is way the hell away, and gets him in UNLIMITED COURT. He thinks I can’t fight it, and will win…but he files it for retaliation and so I can’t sue him back for estoppel. The State bar does nothing! Look up David D. Ribeiro or Ribeiro law corp and look what people write about him! He has his secretary, or on her own volition, type up a B.S. positive review about him on Yelp. Really? But, the State Bar does nothing. Ribeiro last sent me another taunt about them and filing frivilous complaints with them. I talked to other attorneys in California and they just say, “Oh

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Address: you shouldn’t have done that. Of course he will retaliate”” Everyone agrees

Website: perjury or their oath they swore to uphold as officers of the court. Everyone should be fired that works there. The building burned to ash. Build something else without the evil stench and have people that aren’t West Los Angeles Law School idiots do their #$#$ job. California has 4 of the 10 worst law schools in the country

Phone: the State bar is worse than useless. People rely on it and it does NOTHING to protect you unless you are rich or there is poblicity. It should be dissolved and have civilian oversight. Only requirement? NO LAWYERS. They are in league with each other. They don’t care about fraud

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