California Southern University – Just wants to get into your wallet

California Southern University was my only look into getting my MBA. It was the most appealing to me because they offered online courses that I was hoping I would be able to maneuver around my work schedule.I paid the course fee and met with an academic counselor that had given me all the information that I would need. She was willing to work with me at the time, but after I enrolled, she was not helpful at all. | As soon as my courses began I had trouble. I could not get a response from any of my professors or fellow students. I was falling behind and quickly.I was advised to get a mentor. They provided me with a free one. The downfall was that this person barely spoke English.I struggled through the course based solely on lack of communication. | It was an advanced learning course so it was shortened to half the time of a regular semester. I extended the length of the course that I was taking in hopes of grasping the concepts and reaching someone on campus.I still have yet to receive any help.There is no chance of me getting my money back.

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