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Cali Bamboo’s website states, “At Cali Bamboo

giving our customers an exceptional purchasing experience is a top priority.”” As their customer who owned over 1000 square feet of their product

I saw that their words and actions are very different. By my firsthand experience with them I can confirm that the negative reviews you see online are all true! I thought angry people were the ones complain online

but my feelings have changed. I am mainly writing this complaint to protect other people from having the same experience as I did and to inform the consumer what kind of company they are dealing with if they should be so unfortunate to receive a defective product. Long story short

my Cali Bamboo Java Fossilized Wide Click product could not install. It seemed that there was too much wax in the joints (a local flooring specialist thinks the joints swelled up). I contacted the company for advice on how to install these floors. After sending them photos and video Cali Bamboo determined that it was an installation problem. I was told that “”the click lock system is not always easy to click and lock together…”” Then why is it advertised as easy for the do-it-yourselfer? I had hired a professional who has been in the business for over 30 years and is very competent. He’s done it all and for a very long time. If he says something’s wrong

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