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First I was desperate for a job so was enticed by a Nichole Fox, who contacted me via email with a job offer. She did not say where she got may name and information from, but I had put my resume and contact infor. on indeed and maybe linkled so thought it may have come from the one of the many jobs that I applied for. She thought I might want to consider a job for an unnamed but great company, with full benefits a full time salary of 32.80 an hour and she named the position as paymaster manager. It was homebased so I could do all of it at home and it was entry level so they would train me. A sucker is born everyday so I did my due diligence to find out about the company, which had a nice website which was very reassuring. But I did not call their number, to verify their employees until later and the number was simply busy. In the meantime Nichole was very pushy about my signing preliminary papers. An application form which unfortunately I had to give my references, I gave out names and contact infor. to professors from my school who I will now have to warn as I unwittingly gave them the information they might use nefariously. What concerned me was that they were anxious to get my bank information and said that while on probation I would use my account to send them money from the companies that would send me their payments. And they would give me 3% for each transaction but reserved the right to reverse any money that may be overpaid. This did not sound right even for someone who knows little about how to cheat in the banking system. Also the phone interview which they were so anxious I receive was not at all like the pressure ones that I had encountered before. In fact, I could have said anything and it was okay. Oh, the woman interviewing me over the phone was filipino, while this was not a problem, she seemed more like a telephone solicitor rather than a member of the company. Nothing seemed professional, even Nichole’s correspondance was filled with typos. Also, everything is time sensitive and they are always making sure that you are still in there. But now I am going to procrastinate, perhaps I will play with her, giving her false information until we can catch her.

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By Ronald

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