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First i had ordered some cages from him, after not sending them for a few weeks i told him i need to cancel my order, Please note: i had to dig up his number and address his site dose not have any contact info but a p.o. box, i should have known then he was sneaky. So finally after i found his fathers work number and threatened to call his father at work and ask for help, he refunded me.So then a few days after i had noticed he double refunded me, i called the credit card and they told me to call him, so i emailed him to let him know i had a double refund, becuse unlike him i am a honest person, i told him i did not want to pay apr, and would pay the extra rewfund through my bank account card or pay pay and to contact me, of course he never replied, then just decided to go ahead and use my credit card ovewr a week later. this guy is very sneaky so im posting his contact info for others who need it.Mike Daye PO Box 235 Escondido,CA 92033 USMichael K Daye home 1825 Summit Hill Dr Escondido, CA 92027-4739 Domain name: CAGEWORLD.COM US +1.7607967901 Registration Service Provider: Homestead Technologies, Inc, [email protected] 800-797-2958 650-364-7329

1825 Summit Hill Dr Escondido, California United States of America


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