Caffe Demetre Richmond Hill Ontario


Complaint: On a cold stormy winter night of Monday, January 26, 2015; I was standing outside waiting to speak to an employee at this Demetre Caffe location in Richmond Hill. When I was standing outside, I was rudely approached (out of nowhere) by another employee who works over there. He was a short, White male by the name of “Matt”” who had blondish-brownish hair and was about 5 feet and 8 inches tall. This guy didn’t greet me properly and just said to me “”What do you want

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Address: Mate?”” As it was cold outside and me being startled by his rude greeting

Website: You are using a lot of pronouns mate. God! Why can’t you people just learn our language.”” Apparently

Phone: I started to stammer. Matt then went on and said the following: “”I can’t understand you

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