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Complaint: This is to report that we bought a 99′ Cadillac Catera. It only has 27,000 miles. The problem started as soon as we took it off the lot:brand new. The car pulls to the left. We took it to the service department 10 times and they told us it’s nothing, that’s just the way the car drives. Now only after 3 yrs/27,000 miles and very very conservative driving(senior citizen)the allignment is totally messed up and they saw that the all the 4 tires need to be changed because they are messed up too because of the allignment. In addition to that they say that the brakes need to be changed because they are worn out. Now someone please tell me what car when driven only 27,000 miles in 3 years by a lady senior citizen driver who hardly ever takes it above 50 will have such wear and tear. Certainly not a CADILLAC. They say nothing is covered. We have talked to the dealer and the company, about 15 different times and 15 different people. Repeated the story 15 different times and just getting the run around. We don’t know what to do. We had never never expected this from Cadillac. We own a mercedes and a BMW and for all those people out there looking to buy an luxury car I would suggest never never to buy a cadillac if you can afford any thing else Rohit Silver Spring, Maryland

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