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Byron owner of Honest Autos Buyer Beware. Dishonest autos. Calls current customers liars. Fruitland Park Florida!!. Its simple. I bought a car from a buy here pay here. That was a big mistake. Should ve gone to a reputable car lot but anyways same old sad story. Got a 3 year agreement 6500 dollar car finance charges brought to around 10000. 3 months down the road had a runner control went out no big deal 200 dollar fix 3 months later starts going out again so i repaired again. 3 days after i had made my 7th payment, early by the way found out the parts going out because of the cvt transmission in it. I called Byron to explain my situation and see if maybe he could get me into another car. He basically told my wife and i to go fly a kite he wont do anything. Wouldnt even have his mechanic look at it. Wouldnt let me trade it in foe another one without another outrageous down payment. Then talks down to us saying we obviously dont know how it works. What ever happened to the good ol days when u dont just sell 1 car to a man but 5 over 15 years. No help very rude. And look at his 48 perfect google reviews something fishy about that cause you cant make every customer happy cause i personally know people that have had horrible experiences but being elderly they dont know how to post reviews so Buyer Beware i just pray that car you buy from doesnt have issues because he doesnt not have customer service skills. Just another 2 bit hustling used car salesman.

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