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I have never wrote a review in my life. My experience with this company prompted me to do this because I would never wish this on my worst enemy. This company is the most unprofessional, disorganized and deceitful company I have ever dealt with. Upon taking my payment, they assured me that their company could list my property in my local MLS area. They then informed me days later that the realtor that handled my area passed away and said, “Sorry for the inconvenience”. This is a statement I heard numerous times for the next several weeks. I attempted to get my money refunded and was told company policy was a 14 day waiting period. After the 14 day waiting period, still no refund and the purposely would not take my calls. They finally told me to contact Paypal and have them refund my monies. I contacted PayPal and I was informed, what I alreadly knew, that the merchant had to refund the monies. Please, do not use this worthless company. I hope I can help at least one person with this. It would have been worth it. is a horrible business with the worst customer service imaginable


Name: By Owner MLS

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 888-370-2111


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By Ronald

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