u201cOtto Pharmacyu201d Salem Utah


Complaint: I went to buy and purchased 100 Suboxone for $320 and paid for overnight delivery of $40. After two days I called the number on the website and received a text back from a Lynn at OTTO Pharmacy. I was continually told by Lynn that I would receive my package. Finally, I was given a tracking number to an website. After two weeks of being told I would have a package delivered tomorrow, I finally received word from via an email that I had to pay $925 for Insurance for a “discreetu201d package. They told me that $900 would be refunded and $25 would be my only charge for that insurance upon delivery of my “”discreetu201d package. To date

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Address: I have never received one thing for my $400 that I paid.”


Phone: Houston, Texas United States

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