Buyer’s Haven Washington District of Columbia Review


Buyer’s Haven appears to prey on the old and hearing impaired. Order some stuff (batterries, cleaners etc worth about $50) and expected to recieve it with 3-4 weeks. Well after 6 weeks I started trying to follow up. I sent copy of the order to sales and customer service and even a letter to the webmaster, the only other contact point asking for the name and address of their CEO. No answer or response from anyone. This looks like plain old fraud. They give the Interent a bad name and diminish my confidence. I wish I could shut them down and penalize so much nobody would be temped to pull this stunt. I’ve purchased hundreds of items on the Interent with any problems. This stinks. nRobertnWashington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.

Buyer’s Haven 1016 McLean Ave Saint Paul,, Minnessota U.S.A.

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