Butrexinvest Review: A Bogus Crypto and Forex scam


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Another crypto and forex scam to watch out for is Butrexinvest. The platform is playing with the minds of investors. What we have is a ridiculous incentive that no expert or robot can achieve. With a guaranteed 15 percent ROI within 24 hours, it’s obvious Butrex Invest is a scam. We have done a thorough investigation on the website and come out with concrete proof. What we found out is shocking. Learn the whole truth in this clear BUTREXINVEST Review.

Butrexinvest Review

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A Brief Overview of Butrexinvest

They claim to be a UK-based company which is far from the truth. Another false claim is they are a leading crypto and forex investment platform. We haven’t heard of them nor any other UK investors and traders.

The platform boasts of using various methods to project their insane profit margins. According to them, some of the industries they target include crypto mining and trading.

On their about us page, the platform claims to offer a robust, profitable venture. Before using your impulse to sign up, there are a few issues worth noting. During our investigation, we came across dozens of complaints.

We also found some red flags on their website, which we plan to share. Newbie investors will look at the website’s aesthetics and easily believe what they are told. Behind the design, there’s a trap set for naïve investors. We plan to expose all their dirty tricks.

Account opening

One would expect the platform to charge investors for opening an account. With the claim of making investors profit, they ought to charge account opening. The reason they fail to do so is to attract all classes of investors.

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During the account opening process, there’s a hidden agenda by the people behind Butrexinvest. When withdrawing for the first time, the platform demands you send some verification documents.

We don’t see the reason for it as they can easily verify using email links or SMS codes. The reason for this is they want to harvest banking data from clients. With your bank statements, copy of ID, and credit card details, they can do anything.

It’s not the first time a platform has asked for these documents. Those who go ahead and share these valuable documents expose themselves. The people behind ButRex Invest will charge your credit card for goods and services.

They might even sweep clean your bank account balance. Beware of these people who seem to try and ask for banking credentials.

Affiliate and referral commissions

Butrex invest terms and conditions

Depending on the account plan a member opens, there’s a commission for every deposit. The referral commission starts at 3 percent all the way to 7 percent. Only members can get access to the affiliate plans.

Before becoming their affiliate partner, you need to understand the consequences and risks. As an affiliate member, you will face the wrath of victims who you direct to the platform. The law will also view you as an accomplice to online fraud.

Business holder

Although the platform claims to reside in the UK, they don’t have any footprint. There’s no mention of the people working behind the platform. And this makes this a dangerous scam. Investors should try and sign up with platforms with no anonymity.

Butrexinvest is full of anonymity as they don’t even share their actual address. The address listed is a flat-to-rent house which clearly shows it’s not their residency.

Butrexinvest License and Registration

Butrexinvest is not a licensed platform and does not hold any valid documents from regulators. On the contact information page, they post a registration number. We had to check with the Company House UK for confirmation.

It turns out that there’s no such company existing in their database. The numbers are random digits used to fool naïve investors. There’s no investment company in the UK under the above name.

Another avenue we had to use is the Financial Conduct Authority. The regulator is planning to issue a warning regarding the use of Butrex Invest. Complaints have already reached the regulator, and they plan to ban burtrexinvest.com.

We hope they will act soon and shut down the entire website. It’s the only way to ensure no one falls for this trap. With the regulators confirming our fears, no one should sign up with this bogus investment platform.

We have seen several complaints through social media platforms regarding Butrex Invest. Most of the complaints show how investors were treated after depositing funds. None of the members have had the chance to withdraw funds.

This goes to show what to expect once you deposit funds. All these users were expecting to profit after 24 hours but are now ruing the decision to invest. Members claim their accounts no longer exist, pointing the finger at support for deleting their accounts.

Domain background and history (butrexinvest.com review)

At the top of their homepage, the platform claims to have been running since October 20, 2019. Domain checker tools the platform has been running since July 2020. It’s barely a year old and has gained several complaints.

It goes to show their reputation is headed for the gutter. The date posted on their website is an effort to show a strong online presence. Thanks to our research, we can determine the exact month the website went live.

Features of Butrexinvest

Accounts and investments

Butrexinvest Account and plans

Butrex invest offers five account types to members. All of these plans come with a guaranteed ROI. The first plan comes with a 15 percent guaranteed ROI with withdrawal after 24 hours. There’s no need to go into details with the other four accounts. The reason is that these are false claims no one can match.

These scam artists prey on the hopes of investors by promising to double their money. They do so in such a short period of time, which is unimaginable.

Contact and support

The contact page has no phone number, and the Google map doesn’t coincide with their address. This is a plot to ensure no one gets a hold of their actual residency. We firmly believe the scam artists behind this platform are nowhere near the UK.

They use the UK address to try and entice European investors. With no direct line to support, it shows they don’t care about the welfare of members.

Deposit and withdrawal

Depository options include Bitcoin, Payeer, and Perfect Money. There’s no need to deposit as withdrawing funds is next to impossible. Since its inception, there’s no one with proof of withdrawing funds from Butrex invest.

Safety of funds with Butrexinvest

Payment options Butrexinvest.com

Security of funds is out of the question since the platform does not have any license. Anyone who signs up will be at the mercy of these scoundrels.

Scam or Legit Butrexinvest

Butrexinvest is a scam waiting to defraud naïve European investors.

Final thoughts

After exposing the greed by Butrex invest, we have to add them to our blacklist.

Enjoy the benefits of having tested forex bots used by experts all over the world. It’s the safest option when investing in Forex.

Our team wishes you all the best.

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