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PATRICK BUTLER and his wife Amber Butler knocked on my door looking for work. He stated that things were slow and he could help thin out and cut some branches off of my trees. I thought to help him out i would talk to mu husband and let him know. He wanted to do the job right then and there, that should have been my first clue! I told him that would not be possible and he could meet with my husband the next morning between 8:00 and 9:15. Shocker…..at 9:40 we had to call him and he said he was on his way. He was looking inside my garage and saw a refrigerator and asked if he could get a water, since he didnt have time to stop for coffee!! After speaking with my husband we proceeded and agreed on a price. My husband left and in 20 minutes he knocked on my door and said he was done. He makes as much per hour as an attorney does!! Needless to say he did not do what he said he was going to do, the trees look AWFUL. Oh and by the way, before he even started he asked for part of the money up front and had to leave for a bit…..obviously deperate to clear something up!! Who does that!!! They are such loosers!!! Thank God I live next to two police officers and we all have cameras bc i do not trust this guy!! Everyone in this neighborhood is being warned about him!! Oh and he refers to himself as MR. AWESOME LOLOLOLOLOL. The only positive comment i have is that the two guys he had with him did a great job cleaning up my yard and I told them both what a great job they did and to look for somewhere else to work. This man is a liar and a con artist!! He preys on people with his sob story, takes their moiney and runs, please keep an eye out for him and lets shut him down. Oh and MS. Butler with write have a blessed day on your receipt…..What a joke…..KARMA


Name: Butler’s Trees

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Largo


Phone: 727-557-8747


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By Ronald

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