Business Success Alliance Team Review


His promises: “Good morning________. How are you today? I got your message and your site should have been up on Monday. I sent in the emai for it to be activated to support. All of BSA members website was down over the weekend because of their servers were down. Your site should be up by Friday im sure it does happen from time to time. We are making good progress on your campaign which is the most important part of this program. We have no sales yet but 2 pending new membets at the Bronze level. (thats the 2k level) Im sure we may have more by weeks end and many good follow-ups locked down. Be patient and allow us to work the campaign and im sure you will be pleased.” Regards, Cedric He made many promises back to back via email but dis not follow through.


Name: Business Success Alliance Team

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Scottsdale

Address: 10869 Scottsdale rd. 103-506

Phone: 1-602-396-5243


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