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I received the following text message from 313131 (not an actual phone number), no doubt as a result of creating an online profile with sites including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Glass Door:Your Resume receivedSales Rep Info below:Watch webinars#1 & #2www.salesrepinfo.comSerious InquiryWhen finishedCALL Gary281-870-2644Calling the phone number will direct you to leave a voicemail. Using Google Hangouts, I also attempted to call the phone number given on the website for "Office (Sales):(888)-600-7454 ext.381#" which also directs you to leave a voicemail for the receptionist. Google Hangouts identified this number as being for Oresy Online Real Estate. Once you enter the extension number you are directed to "Gary" and then "the voicemail box of Gary."This is not the first scam for a job opportunity I have received, and I suspected this was a scam right away and only called the phone numbers to see what might be said.When it comes to job sites such as those I’ve mentioned above, I find it very disheartening that they do not do a thorough job of vetting potential employers for authenticity before allowing a job to be posted. I also feel that if the were to rate these job sites accordingly, they would be more likely to insure that all jobs posted on their sites are authentic.

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