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I am a business owner, and my business has a business phone number. I have a cellphone that I use for business, but I do not wish to receive new client calls on my cellphone or have the phone number listed online.I receive automated calls on a frequent basis stating that my google listing has not been claimed. The prompt is to select "1" to be connected to a google representative to update my google listing or select "2" to be removed from their call lists. I have literally selected option "2" for months if not at least two years, I then go to the menu of my cellphone and select to block caller. Yet the phone calls continue from a different phone number with no end.I finally selected option # "1" to see if I could get them to stop calling me. and when I started asking questions, the call was disconnected. I called back, over and over and was disconnected each time. I finally was told that I was being difficult and that their company could not assist me.I would like to have these phone calls end, but I do not know how to do so.

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By Ronald

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