build a bandit pontiac pros discont claasic automtive


build a bandit /pontiac pros /discont claasic automtive bob mcerealth/erica kampert and zak they asked me to pay in advance for a filly restored 1979 trans am i did when the ship date came and went rwo times he sent a e mail that he had filed bankruptcy he is still open and ripping people of fairview, North Carolina!!. bob erica and zak all knew they were never giong to honor the contract they signed bob allways talked about george payne he lied about everthihg he tried to extort more money from me and stold 12500 for a refurbished 1979 trams am. i have warrent out for there arrest the car they promised never was delervered dont use them at all a few very lucky people actually got there cars at other peoples expense i’m going to persue yhis matter as long and as far as i have to

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