Budget Rent A Car of Alaska


Budget Rent A Car of Alaska Budget Rent A Car, Juneau, Alaska Budget sends me a bill for damages 2 weeks after I return vehicle. Juneau Alaska!!. I rented a vehicle from Budget Rent A Car in Juneau, Alaska on Oct. 4, 2018 @ about 8:00 pm and returned it the next morning @ about 5:15 am, which is before anyone is in the office. During both the drop off and pick up it was dark here in Alaska as it is winter. I drove the vehicle a total of 26 miles – to the hotel, McDonalds, Walmart, McDonalds, a stop at the gas station, back to the hotel and back to the airport in the morning. On Oct. 19, 2018 I received a letter in the mail with a bill for $1,433.84, I called immediately and the employee (K. Foster) said that she was the person who checked my car in that morning and I would not have even seen the damage unless I had laid on the ground and looked under the car. She said I must have ran something over or hit something. I told her I did neither and that someone else must have done the damage because I did not. After many emails between PURCO, myself, my insurance and my credit card they still want me to pay $828.50.

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