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Complaint: In July, 2004, I vacationed in Vancouver and rented from the Budget Rent A Car at the Vancouver airport. Big mistake. The actual rental was fine. When it was over, I dropped the car off and settled the account – routine. The full balance of the rental was charged to my card at that time. A month later, Budget added a charge with no warning – about $50 or so. I thought it might be related to a parking ticket, but I wasn’t sure and I wanted details in any case. So I called the U.S. customer service number to inquire. They had no info on the charge due to segregated Canadian and U.S. billing systems, and referred me to the Vancouver location specifically. That’s fine, so I called the Vancouver location’s customer service number (not a toll-free call). They didn’t answer their phone, and after many rings I got voicemail. I decided to call back later. Again, they didn’t answer their phone and I got voicemail. This time I left a message explaining that I was inquiring about a new charge to my card, gave my name and phone number, etc. I waited a week, and they never returned my call. So I called the main Canadian customer service line. They could not or would not help me and simply referred me back to the Vancouver location. I tried calling the Vancouver location several more times, but they never answered their phone – not ever. So I called U.S. customer service again. They opened a “case””

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Address: and said they would get back to me in a week or two. This was about ten days after I first called the Vancouver location. Two weeks later

Website: until the following week

Phone: I had not heard anything

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