Budget Avis rental car, Citadel Mall, Charleston SC


Budget/Avis rental car, Citadel Mall, Charleston SC Budget, Avis Budget / Avis rental cars Ripoff charleston south carolina!!. They are a rip off. they over charged me by 1,148+ dollars (for 4 days)rude and continued to charge me as I write this. They are extremely rude. I could of rented a car from Avis/Budget for a month for 500.00+ dollars. Making a reservation, they did not include insurance. When I went to pick up the car at the Citadel Mall, Charleston SC. The young guy there was rude! plus when I asked, ” I have insurance on this, right”? He said, “No, you don’t get insurance”…. I read the contract after the emergency trip I had to take and the contract said that I declined any kind of insurance. I was not verbally given that option. I’m very upset trying to get help from these guys I’m talking to as I write here. Next, the gas, I did not fill it, but it was not full when I got the car. It was 3/4 of fuel in the car. I didn’t complain, I had to drive to be on time.Plus now they are charging me $9.99 for gas per gallon. They are Gouging customers. He won’t budge on this price, he still wants:$903.15 I talked and asked again pleading and he dropped it down to $809.00 (Robert) Plus remember its only $500.00 plus to rent an Avis/Budget car per month! I notice that all women have complained on this site. Which leads me to believe that the good ratings are by Budget employees. Everyone I have spoken to since I did book with Budget told me they are the worst rip off. Be careful. I’m going to now call Loss Prevention, another number this man, Robert just give me. I’m miserable, because I planned on buying a Budget for sale car. This is not good. You need an attorney to sign a lease agreement at Budget. They are unfair. Horrible, rude, ripoff company. Beware!The original charge to rent was $183.94 was what I was suppose to get charged.

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