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In April we were driving around on a Saturday and we passed by Buddy’s I thought we can just go look we needed a new couch ours broke. We went in and they had only been open a week, the sales people didnt know what was going on. I just assumed it was beacuse they had just opened. Well we decide on a couch and love seat set on a rental purchase were told it would be $26.99 a week plus taxes. Well it turned out to be $37.99 What they dont tell you they charge you 10.00 to print out the paperwork for the contact they called a filing fee. And all kids of fees are added weekly. I just let it slide. We were signing they paper work and the supposed manager was going over everything with us. She made it a point to say we dont call you to remind you to pay. We duh I know I have to pay every Saturday. Well they said it would be 2-3 hrs and they would deliver it to us. Well it was 5 hrs and it was late and they were rushing and droped the sofa in my flower bed got mud all over it. Then trying to shove it throught the door way they ripped it. They said I had to call on Monday about the ripped couch. I called Monday took them a week to get me a new one. Well the first week we were due at 10:00am my phone is ringing asking when are you going to pay? I told them you just opend I would be in shortly. I asked them please dont call I will be in every Saturday to make my payments. I have done rental purches before with Aarons. I have bought 2 washer dryer sets and 2 tvs I know how it works. Every Saturday at 10:00am they were calling. Ive told them over and over again not to call I would be there. I never missed a payment. Well this last Saturday I couldn’t take it anymore, my husband worked unit 2:30am and didnt get home and to bed until 4am they called and woke him up at 10:00am he was not happy. I called them back told them for the last time not to call. Well needless to say a diffrent person called 20 minutes after I called. I went and bouth couches that day told them to come pick them up, I wasn’t going to deal with them anymore. They called back 30 minutes before closing said they werent coming until Monday, They came at 4:30 on Monday and we asked for paperwork for the rental return the guy just tore a peice of paper in half and signed his name said he was the Manager? um nooooo that is not acceptable I have been calling everyday to try to get real proof that they picked up the couches. Its been 2 days still cant get anyone to return my call or give me acutal company paperwork. .

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