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I never ordered this subscription but they are insisting i did by a call from a telemarketers and they insited i did and i owe 136.90 .i told them hows this did yousend me anything ye i asked they said no so i said cancle the order that you said i ordered they said no you have to pay for it ,i told them i will not since you people try to offer a free hunting trip on line drawing with no prucha necasary and now want to trick me in paying for a membership i never orderd they shut the phone in my face 3 times because i called 3 time to try to get this resolved and all 3 times they where rude and unprofessional.


Name: Buckmasters

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Montgomery

Address: 10350 Highway 80 East

Phone: 1-800-240-3337

Website: buckmasters.com

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By Ronald

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