Buckley Towers Condominium Inc Review


Attempting to purchase a condo is a horrendously extensive, unnecessary process. Steer completely clear of Buckley Towers & the H.O.A. After recently moving from the West Coast to S Florida for work, I decided to purchase a small unit (non conventional/all cash). My offer was accepted by the owner & we then waited for “approval” from the H.O.A. I found them to be very rude. I was told not to call to even ask a question before 45 days passed as if they are assisting me; when I am purchasing the property. A question arose regarding a service elevator, I called & was told “they’re in a meeting”. I received the same answer EVERY time I called. I finally asked my broker’s office to assist me in contacting the HOA & they were told “they’re in a meeting”. **They require 6 months of H.O.A fees (in escrow) which was also held while waiting in corporate housing, while they clearly take their time.** The bottom line: The HOA is SUPPOSED to work for the owners, but the Buckley Towers H.O.A appears to be working for themselves. The management is rude, & grossly inconsiderate of buyers, sellers, & realtors time or money. I’ve never experienced anything like this & am writing this to warn anyone else. Take your hard earned money elsewhere! There are reasonably priced condos in the area without the disgraceful behavior. I suspect the “cherry picking” of tenants which is a clear violation of the fair housing act & will be reported accordingly.


Name: Buckley Towers Condominium Inc

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 1321 Miami Gardens Dr

Phone: 305-949-7266


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By Ronald

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