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I was notified on February 6, 2015 that my cruise booked by (BTWconcerts) on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas for May 3-10, 2015 has been cancelled due to a problem between the promoter and the cruiseline. No further information was offered. No refund was given. The cruise website has been taken down. I called the company and no one answered. I left a voicemail asking to be contacted immediately regarding a full refund. I read on the forum thread: that Royal Caribbean cancelled the cruise charter with BTW back in November 2014! I was never notified by BTW of the cancellation. I made my last online cruise payment in January 2015. When I attemtped to make the February payment online I received a payment processing error message from BTW. I called 602-244-8444 and a representative said, “Our payment systems are down

but your payment will go through as soon as they are back up which we expect to be any day now.”” I called each week the payment did not show up on my account (3 calls in total) and was told the same thing. I asked for more details

specifically if anything was going on with the cruise? I was told that everything was fine and was even offered an extra payment for March to make up for not being able to pay in February! The next time I logged into my online account the March payment date was added. I want a full refund of the $5

693.67 paid to date for a cruise that should have been cancelled back in November 2014. I know now that BTWconcerts was committing fraud when pretending that the cruise was still a go. There are many documented complaints dating back to November online at and facebook that demonstrates the misleading and shady behavior by BTWconcerts and BTWatsea in order to collect money for an event that they had no way to actually provide.”

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