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So these guys sold me a 2000 Yukon XL with 117.000 miles on it. They had the check engine light reset( which took 4 days to come back on). There was also 2 exhaust manifold bolts busted off, but were hidden because they puttied the tops of them back on so nobody would notice. After about 6 days of driving it, needless to say the putty wore off and the exhaust manifold leak revealed itself. I contacted them and told them I was unhappy with my purchase, and it was unfair to trick people into buying vehicles with hidden problems. They said too bad, and wouldn’t help me pay for ANY of the vehicle repairs. I told them I wanted to give them the opportunity to make it right first, they said to go ahead and leave my reviews. Here we are. I was tricked by these people, don’t let the same happen to you. STAY AWAY FROM BRYSONS AUTO SALES!


Name: Bryson’s Auto Sales

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Sylva

Address: 235 East Main St.

Phone: 828-631-1240


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By Ronald

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