Brynt D L Merritt is an a****** – Nevada


He had a relationship with a woman for 2 months planning to marry her, bought her a $100 dildo to watch her f*** herself on video. Her name is Rachel Alexandre and she lives in New York. He told her he was divorced when the whole time he was married and he broke two innocent children’s hearts. He is a US Navy sailor stationed in NV and he should be in prison due to the fact 2 years ago at the age of 34 he took the virginity of a 14 year old gril who’s name is Antonia and lives in North Carolina. He had her suck his d*** while he mauled her poor innocence. His new York girlfriend sent him nudes and he video taped himself jacking off and coming while a 14 year old minor was in the home with him. He needs to be kicked out the navy dishonorably and then needs to go to prison for rap and being a pediophile trolling for little girls on the internet. THis man is a disgrace to this country.

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