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I was with my guy for 5 years. We lived together for 3 and just had a child together in December of 2013. I believe in August 2014, he started training to be a correctional officer. During that time, he would come home and tell me about a girl in his class. She wanted to hangout with him outside of work and (of course) I was not comfortable with that. She was also in a relationship and living with her own man. I believed everything was ok but on 11/13/2014, my guy just tells me that he’s no longer in love with me. I had no where else to go so I made arrangements to move in with my dad in Ohio. While I was still in our house packing and taking care of our child, I went on my husbands facebook and found, messages between them. They had sex in his new car before work. She even states that she realizes that she’s the other woman. She thinks that just because she was having problems in her relationship that it was alright for her to ruin mine. She doesn’t have children to worry about and now my baby will never really know her father.

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By Ronald

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