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Contacted this individual regarding a toy cockapoo puppy for sale. I texted this woman asking if the puppy was still available. She said yes and we had agreed on $680. We wanted a female apricot toy cockapoo. She told me she was selling her puppies because she was sick and needed surgery, therefore she could not take care of the puppies.She had sent me photos of the puppies she had. She was located in Thunder Bay and I was in Mississauga, and she had offered to ship over the puppy for us. She had asked for a deposit of $200 to reserve the puppy until the end of the week. Because the puppy needed to be shipped, we agreed on a total price of $780.The lady had promised me photos of the exact puppy we would be receiving. When she sent them over, it seemed as if there were two different puppies- one was all apricot and one was apricot with a white patch on the chest. When I asked her about it, she told me that the one I was receiving was the full apricot one. She had also sent me a short video of supposedly, the exact puppy i was getting. However, in the video there is a man speaking with a clear British accent and towards the end of the video the man can be heard saying "Good boy", when the puppy was supposed to be female. After all this, I had written a lengthy email regarding all of these issues and proof of vet check ups etc. I hadnt heard back until 3 days later.The woman’s husband then called me. He had No Caller ID. The man over the phone sounded NOTHING like the man in the video. The man seemed to be of African decent and had an accent. He had called me to reassure me that this was not a scam and not to worry. However, he then proceeded to say that he did not have a proper crate to transport the puppy in and that we would have to pay for a rental. I refused saying that was not what we had agreed and I do not have more money to be spending. He had said that he would pay out of his own pocket.I continued to do some more research and did a reverse image search on all of the photos that have been sent to me. Most of them had come back from a UK breeder, which explains why the man in the video had an accent.I had already lost $200 and am extremely upset because my family and I have been looking for a puppy for so long. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AD.

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