Bryan College Springdale Arkansas


Complaint: I attended Bryan College during 2008-2010. When I signed up, I was told credits were fully transferable to ANY University or school. They were not. The students in my graduating class had to pay $100 per month. We were told this was going toward our student loans. It did not. It went to the college. We never received exit counseling. Our state exams were never set up although they were included in the price of schooling. They pocketed that money. We were guaranteed job placement, which was non existent for Bryan Students. I am in school full time, forced to start over. Bryan used all of my funding for Financial Aid, now I can’t finish school without private loans. We were promised things when we started that were lies. I wasted 2 years of my life and depleted my financial aid funding. I didn’t even know that was possible. We are looking to file a class action lawsuit against Bryan College.

Tags: Adult Career & Continuing Education

Address: 3704 W. Walnut st. Rogers , Arkansas USA



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By Ronald

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