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A must read for anyone with integrity that expects the same in return… Stay clear from this dealership! They should have their franchise from Mercedes pulled from them! I came in to looking at a new GLE. Drove it with the salesman (Sam Rousef). I felt the car was too light weight feeling on the test so Sam had me drive the GL-450. Much better for me. I was then introduced to a sales manager (Lorenzo Hubbart). All was well. | Next communication was via text messages (Sam). We went round and round about options, etc. I decided that I wanted to buy the GL. I’m a busy guy, didn’t have a reason to spend more time sitting at the dealership. I went to the MB website, built the car I wanted and sent it to Sam and asked him to find me that car and I will come in and buy it. Simple… Right? NOT! | I was informed (coldly) that they required a $3K “non-refundable” deposit to locate and order me the car. I told them to just look in their system, find it, call me and I will come and buy it. I wasn’t going to order a $75K car with a $3K non-refundable deposit on a “maybe, let’s see what happens basis”. | So, I went back to the dealership, sat for 90-minutes discussing the options I wanted (which is what I sent to them from my online MB build requirements days earlier). Sam then introduced me to another sales manager (Dennis Wendell). I explained that I just want to locate the car and buy it. | NOTE: I am not financing the purchase. I am paying cash with funds advanced from my parents trust fund. | Dennis the sales manager took note of what I wanted to do and said “fine”. The next day, I text Sam (sales guy) and asked if he found the car. He responded “yes but we need you to sign a (no-export agreement AND they will need to put a lien on the car for one-year) even though I am not financing it. Apparently these cars are being exported after purchase (which I was not but in no way is that illegal). | My response was no way! I, nor my trust would allow anyone to lien an asset of that value that should be free and clear. I asked them to reconsider. I also asked him to send me the paperwork so I could have the lawyer took at the lien terms. That was the last I ever heard from Sam the salesman. I called and texted him for two-days. He blew me off and has never responded. | This is where it get’s good… | Since Sam blew me off completely, I called the Sales Manager Dennis who was involved in my purchase days earlier. He too blew me off and refused to return my calls. | Okay, I might sound like a dumb punchy guy by going back for more abuse, but heck, Bromos owns the only two Mercedes dealerships in Jacksonville so I didn’t have a lot of choice. | I called the original sales manager (Lorenzo) and was justifiably upset. I explained that my life won’t change by not buying a Mercedes from them but was totally shocked that the dealership condones their sales people AND sales management to treat qualifies buyers like this and then blow them off on purpose! | I explained to Lorenzo what I wanted to buy and how I was paying for it (cash). I told him to send me these “no-export and lien documents” so that I could have a review of them. | It took a full day to get the no-export document which by the way allows the dealer to recover $15K from me if the car is sold within one-year! Shocking right? It gets better… | I again asked for the lien document and he tells me… Quote: “That is something that we write at my desk when we sign the paperwork.” I responded that I needed to see it before more time is wasted, He said that the lien would be for $15K on a $75K car that I would own outright. | Ok, even I’m not that dumb so I asked (again) for it to be emailed. The said they are typing it and would sent it. That was Friday morning. By late Friday I never got it and asked again. He said he emailed it but would have to wait until Monday to “resend it.” Monday came… No email so I asked again… Nothing. | Monday night I received this text from Lorenzo the sales manager (verbatim). | “We have made the decision to not continue this transaction, at this time we feel that the transaction has not gone in the manner of customer satisfaction that we are accustomed to. Which indicates there is something we don’t know.” | Bare in mind that I had to just about plead to even get responses. My last and final response to his text was… “Okay. Trying to understand this. So. You don’t want to sell me a car. Right?.” No response. | To conclude… | One salesman (Sam) and two sales managers (Dennis and Lorenzo) blew me off and decided not to sell me a car. Actually, that’s bad enough but the treatment of “their crap doesn’t stink” and blow offs to customers is just not forgivable. | All I was trying to do was buy a $75K car and I didn’t want a lien on it as I was not financing it (but I was willing to consider it depending on what the document was all about). Their tactics give the luxury auto industry a bad name. | By the way, I have copies of all of these texts as well as no-export agreement”. | Honestly, Bromos has an okay reputation in general and owns Lexus and Porsche dealerships as well. I would hope that the actual owner doesn’t subscribe to these tactics but also fault him/her for allowing their local dealership management to conduct business this way. | Stay clear from any Bromos owned dealership. Great cars, truly terrible people, policies and practices. | For me… I would settle for a 1975 Ford Pinto before they ever see a penny from me. | | |


Name: Brumos Motor Cars

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Jacksonville

Address: 10231 Atlantic Blvd

Phone: 866-955-5901


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