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Today I had one of the most unbelieveable experiences in my entire life as a customer. I had the OWNER of a company from which I had bought a product, tell me that he didnt give a Sh*t if I was satisfied or not and that I should go [email protected]*k myself. Yes, you read that correctly. I purchased a set of custom cover from Bruces Custom Covers for approximately $700 after receiving two unsolicited brochures in the mail and visiting their website. Bruce makes custom canvas covers for aircraft and apparently they solicit people who have recently registered a new aircraft. In any case, I looked carefully at their product line and decided to order from them. During the ordering process, I was able to choose the color and the lettering on the front of the covers where the registration number of the airplane is to be printed. After about eight weeks, I received the covers except they did not look quite like the covers I had seen in the brochures and website. Specifically, in addition to the registration number on the front, the owner Bruce Perlitch decided to promote his business by silk-screening a non-removable white rectangular area (about twice the size of a business card) with a little picture of an airplane and his company name, street address, email address, phone number, fax number, and website address. This was especially unsightly because the covers are black so the white rectangle sticks out like a sore thumb. When I called and spoke to an employee, he said it was out of his control. He also said that he had worked there for eight years and no one had ever complained about this. When I asked him who was in control, he said Bruce the owner. I asked to speak to Bruce and after politely dancing around his excuses as to why he was not available, he eventually put Bruce on the phone. Bruce started the conversation by saying before you say a word, I get this from time to time and let me tell you, I am very proud of my work and if you are going to tell me to take my logo off of the cover you will be insulting me. I said that I didnt want to insult him and it was evident that he was proud of his work because it showed in the craftsmanship (a legitimate compliment). He interrupted me in a very hostile tone and said that Jeans have logos, cars have logos etc. I agreed but said there are two problems with his examples: a) both Jean and Car companies do not have a HUGE, non-removable, contrasting colored background area with the name, phone, fax, website, email address, address of the corporate headquarters where the Jeans or Car was manufactured, Mr. Perlitchs weight at birth and name of his kindergarten teacher. I also dont think they would place this information front and center, ruining the appearance of their product for the sake of another sale. I am all for building a brand but this is NOT just a logo. Its a cheap shot at promoting a business at the expense of the appearance of the product and the customer who paid for it. And speaking of the appearance of the product: b) when you look at any of the photos on the brochures or the website (to date), nowhere does it state or display a photo of the product showing that you will be purchasing a product which will be displaying Mr. Perlitchs permanent, oversized business card on the product for which you just spent $700. In response to my calm and collected response (I never raised my voice and never used profanity), Mr Bruce Perlitch instantly lost his temper and started screaming at me. Specifically (and I quote) he told me if you dont like it, I dont give a Sh*t, you can go [email protected]*k yourself. Then he hung up. So folks, before you purchase anything from Bruces Custom Covers, be sure youre aware that you will be dealing with a principal and a company that doesnt know how to treat people, let alone a paying customer. And we are not talking about an employee who may have gotten out of control and may not necessarily be representative of what the company stands for. We are talking about the OWNER of the company here! In todays world, I am really baffled at how people think that they can act this way and stay in business. Amazing TC

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