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Rec’d a fax stating, that Eng. Arthur Jeppesen, London, was killed in an auto accident eight years ago, and he had a Life Insurance Policy, that will be turned over to the "abandoned Property Division" if not claimed. Bruce Minto wants me to claim this money($10,950,777.00), before it goes to the "abandoned Property Divison" , because my last name matches the deceased. Bruce wants to be a partner, with me, to collect this money. 10% must go towards a charity organization, the remaining 90% will be shared between Bruce and I. Bruce Minto said, that this is 100% risk free, but it is highly professional and confidential, and ALL will be well at the end of the day. Bruce said, " that this claim requires a high level of confidentially and may up to thirty(30) business dated, from the date of receipt of your consent." Bruce wants me to give him my consent to add my name to the policy, and all proceeds will be processed on my behalf.

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By Ronald

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