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I took my vehicle in to get tire monitoring system checked and a possible engine mount . After keeping my vehicle all day Dominic Cagigal ( Service Writer) called and told me that they wasn’t able to get to my vehicle and i have to bring it back next week . When i arrived at the service counter they had charged me $ 99.36 for tire sensor and fixing tire monitoring problem so i paid the amount owed on 12/31/20017. After they brought me my vehcile back i notice light still on . I reported this problem to Mr. Dominic Cacigal which he checked with service dept. and found out that the work was never done .. Also he did not know why the service counter charged me but he would get me refunded . I called Mr Cagigail on 1/05/2018 which i still havent recieved refund . I was told then 10 days . Now its been 18 days and i still havent recieved it . | So i called and left massages on 1/15/2018 at 8 am and again at 1 pm. still no one called me back,so i contacted the Better Business Bureau and they contacted them . The GM Mr Chip flat out lied to them he stated that the service manager Mr Eriwn reached out to me which i never got a call and that they refunded me . Which is all a llie . My bank verfitied that nothing is showing pending or recieved from Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet ,All it showing where they took the money . So the big GM is sitting behind his desk and lying. Which he dont care because i guess im nothing to him because im not spending big dollars with him .All i ever ask for is my money to be refunded back for the work that was not done … They can take money at the time of service ,But they cant return it at the time of thier mistake .. 18 days later and still no refund .. Is that not a


Name: Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Fort Worth

Address: 711 S.W. Loop 820

Phone: (817) 349-7715


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By Ronald

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