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Shop several stores under this company name and was surprised when I was in the store late Tuesday evening before closing and purchased several products at the normal everyday price. Returned to pick up additional items of the exact same type and brand the following day on Wednesday and found that those Items were now on the Weekly sale for Buy One and get One for 1 cent. This seemed like a great value until I found out that the one you purchase was now double the price I paid for it only less than 12 hours earlier so no value and only saving a few cents for buying two. When calling the Corporate Office and talking with Rebecca Sanders who is Public Relations Director who later refused to give her name and title again and hung up when I told her I would be documenting this convesation on a complaint, she told me that I was mistaken but my two receipts did not show any mistake. Then I was told that it is Called a Temporary Lower Price Reduction for the price I paid the day before and not the normal price, and that when on sale it has to go back to the normal every day price. Unfortunately I talked with employees over that product in not one but three different stores and they told me that it was the normal everyday price what I paid for them before the ad and not a TLP. I then after being hung up on by the Director, called the Chairman of the Board’s Office who repeated the same information and said they would have someone call me but they never asked for my number. I do like the store and management but trying to rip off the public is not something good for a business to do. Lower your prices and be fair and the customers will reward you for it instead of using false sales tactics to deceive the customers. William Boyd email [email protected]

500 Hwy 199 E. , Springtown, TX 76082 Springtown, Texas United States of America

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