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Complaint: Brookline college is asking me to pay $5500 plus dollars for dropping out for medical reasons. Back in October 2014 I had a traumatic brain injury and for a few weeks I couldnu2019t attend school because of the consequences from that injury. My family informed Brookline college and instead on placing me on a medical leave they continued to charge me for classes I didnu2019t attend. The school dean wasnu2019t trying to get me to withdrawn from school knowing I was having such a difficult hard time trying to keep myself focused. I presented all my medical paperwork when I had to go back but the female German lady whou2019s the dean was not trying to let me drop out the program. In fact they wouldnu2019t tell me exactly when it was a safe time to withdraw from the school just to keep me stuck. Eventually after going to school not learning anything I demanded to witdrawl and drop out the program because of my medical issues but unfortunately for me they charged me 5500 plus dollars saying they where forced to give back the money the department of education sent in to help me pay for the classes. Now Iu2019m in debt so many thousands of dollars with high interest and unable to pay for my loans. They lied to me about assisting with employment just to get me to sign up for the 50 thousand dollar criminal justice program. To top it off every class we had was always lectured and we where encouraged to copy down the notes the teacher left on the board and we would get quizzed exactly what was his notes. We had a teacher be fired in the middle of class. She would always be late and we would go ours without getting any education but yet we where being charged for attending the class. I can truly attest and if I have to go to court I will testify against them. If you where to go back and look at all student tests youu2019ll notice how rare it was for someone to fail these classes. Itu2019s a total rip off attending these colleges.

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