Brooke Downing – Springfield, Missouri Missouri


This Homewrecker unfortunately came into my life breaking up our home back in January of 2018, I didn’t find out about her until February of 2018 when she decided to convince him to move in with her leaving me and our baby with unpaid rent and a shut off for the utilities and we ended up losing our home and everything. She continues to lie and say she stopped messing with him and I’m constantly catching both of them in the lies most recent being just four days ago when I caught him at her house and with our son. I ended up pregnant again and she passed away when I was just starting my second trimester. Sad thing is is she is a lawyer for the Greene County Justice System yet also sells drugs and yes I have proof of this, on top of the affair it is also upsetting that she has the children of this area in her hands and is living very illegally. She is from Columbia Missouri so not only do u need to hold onto your man here but there as well. This is the most manipulative female I have ever seen.

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By Ronald

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