I paid $130 for 7 makeup palettes. She sold them for well below retail and when I asked why she simply stated she had too much and sold for less so people would actually buy it. This was on September 9th, 2018. I waited for two months before asking for a refund on November 3rd. Still no package or refund. Scammer claims their cashapp doesn’t work so she’s going to send it from her boyfriend’s account. This never happened. So then I ask for it again and she says that the palettes should arrive on Monday, November 26th. They never do so I check the tracking number she sent and it was never for me. She sent a random one because the packaged arrived in San Jose, not Lowell, MA. I’m tired of going back and forth with her and clearly she doesn’t care about customer service because she doesn’t respond half the time. I sent her too much money to let this slide. I want to be refunded.

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By Ronald

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