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Complaint: These people are scammer . They called me and told me I got approve for 3000 dollars someone Name Morgan Harding. Well she said approve but with some stipulations you have to leave a security deposit of 450 you have to send the security deposit to Canada to a pacific name . She said once we receive the money we will give you a call back to let you know that we received it and we will put the deposit in your account usually takes about two hours . She called me back and said that the lender is seeing something on my credit and they’re not comfortable that they would like for me to send a Nother 450 . I said if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t need a loan I said I see how this is going can you send me my money back she said it would take 30 days for you to receive a refund and my manager will be giving you a call back within a day or two John Walters I said OK fine . This has happened about two weeks ago well finally he calls me and he says I’m pretty sure I can get the loan done but you’re gonna have to send more money I said I don’t want the loan I just want my money back his response was it’s going to take 30 days for you to get a refund . These people are ripoffs they’re creating fake documents blocking the phone calls please don’t send him any money because you will not get a loan or they’re going to do is keep asking you for more and more money you will never get any money put in your account I have reported them to Internet crime and to the authorities . They have just started this company I went online to look for them they didn’t have any bad reports but now as time goes on I’m seeing that they are getting people out of their money they are ripping people off . On their website they say they’ve been around since 2007 . But Morgan said that the company just started this year and that’s why there’s no reports on them they just started this company this month and been taking people’s money . They can’t even tell you who is offering you a loan in Canada it’s all lies . Please do not fall for this Internet scam .

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: 704 ball road Antheim, California USA

Website: Brockton lending trust

Phone: 18663558491

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