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Complaint: I am making my best attempt to objectively describe my recent experience with Broadstar Communications, LLC, a bundled (internet, TV, phone) internet service provider (ISP) whose service I have just canceled. Please form your own opinion. I choose to state the facts as they are without embellishment but with some analysis. I have canceled my service with Broadstar Communications, LLC today and have replaced the service with a T Mobile hot spot running on a Droid tablet. The T Mobile service delivers faster and rock solid internet speed that is measurably faster than the Broadstar service I just canceled. It is interesting that the maximum speed available from 4G LTE is rated significantly slower than the promised speed from Broadstar. I have measured the seervice using a variety of methods, including ping tests (which are a good measure of latency and “RTT”” time) and test FTP copies

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Address: which accurately measure “”throughput”” without the overhead associated with “”encryption.”” Previously

Website: often preceded with long periods of poor performance. The ISP dispatched a technician who swapped out the router last week. At 9:30PM CT that very night

Phone: the Broadstar service performed well and was as reliable as any other internet provider. Something has recently changed

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