Brittany Power (Kolberg) – California City, California California


This here is little miss Brittany Power and she’s at it again! This chick was messing around with a married man and didn’t give two shits about it. Also tried hooking up with another married man and tried talking to a guy who was dating someone she worked with. She works on Edwards AFB in California, probably sucked her way to a new position at her job. So the story goes like this…..she was seeing a guy who had been with his wife for 8 years but were separated for a bit and still trying to work things out with her. Now granted the man is at fault too for lying to his wife telling her that he wasn’t seeing anyone. Brittany on the other hand knew he was trying to work things out with her but didn’t care because she was”in love” with him. Everything came back to the wife when Brittany told the husband that she was pregnant. Well truth came out and you can imagine how pissed the wife was. So the husband is going to the appts with the slut, meeting her behind his wife’s back because she wanted to see him and what not. Well after a couple months, the husband lived with Brittany but realized he didn’t want to be with her. He was with her trying to man up to what he had done but didn’t love her. He went back to his wife because she was pregnant as well. Miss Britt didn’t like that one bit, I guess her getting pregnant on purpose to keep a man didn’t work. Well fast forward to when the child is about 7 months, Brittany decided to file for child support. But you know what the funny thing is? || After the paternity test was done, that married man WASNT the father after all! Lol this little cunt tried getting money from a man who wasn’t the father, tried making him feel bad for not wanting her and tried making him look like he was this dead beat man who didn’t care about his kid. So the wife contacted the lying slut and she admitted that she couldn’t remember anyone else. Sooooo you can’t remember who you slept with?! Man must have been some awesome drunken nights. How embarrassing would that be if everyone found out that she didn’t know who the father was? Since everyone thinks she’s so sweet and innocent, but turns out she’s a hoe. Be careful ladies because she’s always looking for a baby daddy. Sad thing is that she jumps from guy to guy and introduces them right away to her kids. Her excuse though for all this is because her ex husband cheated on her. A hoe is a hoe, and that’s all she will be. Btw she never apologized for all the shit she caused, karma will bite her in the ass and I hope it does!

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By Ronald

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