Brittany Papa – tinder slores & scumbags Illinois


Soo I went through my bfs phone and seen hed been talking to this girl on tinder.. um his fb clearly stated he was not single. I don’t want to bash just her bc i know hes a scumbag too. he said he forgot to delete his tinder.. yeah right. Pretty sure they def messed around when i told my friend she showed me this site and the b1tch is already on here and now i realize she just doesnt give 1 fuk! Like omg… hon you will never be happy or in a good relationship until you learn respect. Respect for yourself and for other ppl!. I creeped a little and i guess she does facials lol…. suiting….. at new beginings and wellness. Now i know where to def not go!!! That’s 4sure!

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By Ronald

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